How time flies

It feels weird to get back to writing after 2 years. I happened to chance upon a blog of a friend today (who frankly never struck as the writer type) and i remembered that once upon a time ,yeah it had come to that, I had a blog of my own too. And here i am. Doesn’t feel weird at all. There have been too many changes in my life in the past two years that I can take stock of with one blog post.

To sum up, I am still in India and living in a new city. Life has definitely turned for the better and I can see the shining horizon every moment of the day. My love for nature still accounts for 20% of my thoughts and my jokes are still as funny as ever.

For this after-break post, I have a beautiful poem which i happened to write last night

woh jo samah hua karta tha
jab hum mila karte the yu
jab tumne mera haath thama tha
aur pal mein sama ho gaye hum tum
zindagi hume kis mod par le aayi dekho
aaj kaha jana hai hume, hume nehi koi khabar
par bharosa hai mujhe ki tum
aa jaoge wapas mere dilbar

yuhi ankhein mat fera karo
ek baar meri tarf dekh liya toh karo
jaha pyaar ho dil ka lagam
na jane iska kya hai anjam
tum mere se door mat ho jana
bas yehi hai mere dil ka kehna
is bahane kabhi paas toh aao tum mere
hum banaye dilo ki ek nayi daastan

This poem sure takes cheesiness to a new level altogether, which I am sure my benarasi friend would appreciate.