Letter to my 40 year old self


To start off with, I sincerely hope you are not a divorcee living a lonely life (with maybe a kid along the way? :/) in some obscure Indian town.

Now that we have that cleared, i also hope you have been to Japan at least twice in your really long stay on Earth. And also you should have a pretty good grasp over Japanese and French by now. Papa didn’t pay for all those lessons for you to ogle at boys.

Oh and you better not have a job as a data crunching analyst, at the windowless office, for the videshi MNC. Rather you shouldn’t be working for any MNC. And it goes without saying, your priorities in life must be set straight for you to be able to catch up on at least two movies every week.

Now, now, don’t go about thinking i have unrealistic expectations from you, or life in general, but you must know that you were meant for something great. I know i used the correct adjective, but i can’t figure out what that “something” is supposed to be. Given your age, you should have that figured out.

Aur haan idhdhar udhdhar ki baatein, vagera vagera toh rahengi hi. I hope your materialistic indulgences are not so much as they were at the time of me writing this letter. Also, lest i forget, you should have travelled to Turkey, Lebanon and  Jordan. Actually, on second thoughts, as i have assumed that you are not working for a videshi company, you wouldn’t have much money to spend anyway (unless you married a really rich man); so, any one of them would do just as well. And you should have learnt to be in sync with your inner self. All those mornings papa spent with you trying to make you meditate shouldn’t be a waste either. Just so you know, at the time of me writing this, yoga was a very big deal in USA; so by now, it should be a big deal in China as well. So now you know, just in case nothing else works out in your life, you can give yoga lessons at 100$/hour to mechanical Chinese people.

That’s a lot of hope a 20 year old could have from a 40 year old. But as a parting thought you must know that this article isn’t about getting your life right, but rather about giving your all to every decision you take.

Yours truly,                                                                                                                                                                                                             DGB


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