Imbibing Western culture via sit-coms


This is my way of showing appreciation to the new-age heralds of 20th and 21st century American sit-com shows into India. This is one of the main reasons as to why i still watch TV. But that is a topic for some other day. Today i would like to talk about why when i meet up with my friends today, the first thing we say is “they introduced the mother on HIMYM!!” This one show,like many others, have shaped up our teen and young adult years into one of a global phenomenon where i am not deprived of topics to talk on with another teen residing in, lets say, Connecticut. Amazingly enough, although i still know which show is India has the highest TRP ratings i also know how critically acclaimed MAD MEN is in the west and i can’t wait to see how Draper will transform Peggy’s career. But what i don’t get is whether this addiction is for the better or for worse?

Because when Blake Lively walked down the streets of NYC for Gossip Girls, i fell in love with the city and i could imagine myself walking down it one day as well. Another interesting change i observed in myself was in my way of talking. I incorporated new western words/ phrases into my speech with perfect exclamatory slangs. Well i do like this phase i am going through right now, but i’m unsure as to how long it will last and if it does last long, how will i like it if i’m still here at the end of all that time?