Imagining the author

It’s two very different worlds we live in; in front of and with our backs to, the virtual sphere. When everything around us is real, i believe, man is an animated being. No matter if he is expressing the happiest or the angriest or the most boring of expressions. But when we face the online world, our expressions are limited to a mere smile or smirk, depending on what we read. Coming back to how we communicate what we feel through a QWERTY keyboard and a 14 inch monitor screen, it’s entirely on how the person on the other side of the virtual world sees or imagines us. Because whoever i have talked to in my lifetime, be it for a minute or a day, has noticed something about me. Either my eyes, my mouth, my hands, my teeth or he/she has a basic memory of how i talk. And when i talk to him/her again on the internet, he/she imagines me saying, what i’m writing, as if i were right there beside him/her. That is exactly how we do interact on the phone, though through the phone our voice gives away our feelings most of the times. But for when our writings do not carry a double meaning of their own, we are imagined by our readers with the memory they have in their minds, of us.