Turning 19

It’s that time of the year again. Not when your exams are round the corner and you haven’t touched the book,neither does the calender date etch close to 14th February,and thank heavens,not when you realize one fine day,after waking up sometime around 10,what on earth is going on and you begin to question your existence.

This is about that time of the year when the only day you truly look forward to in a year,like a KID,is right round the corner and suddenly you realize the absence  of hushed whispers among your friends when you gladly meet them in the canteen and also when you come back home to find that your parents have already made plans for that ONE day to be out of town on some work and indifferently say that you’l be able to manage on your own now,since you’r a BIG GIRL now.


Whoa that sounds like a big word. A heavy word. A word which carries weight. And responsibility. I didn’t know i was becoming big. I just knew that i was turning 19. Is 19 big? I just crossed 18 last year. Now everyone thought THAT was a big deal. Heck,i thought i’d become mature overnight and I’d have to start acting like one now. But,hell. I received a surprise from my friends. I laughed like a carefree kid. Heck,i don’t even have my voter id or driver’s license,or a formal dress to own. And to talk about BIG, the BIGgest blow of them all would be to say that i haven’t even been on a date yet!

And suddenly,a year after all that adolescent cuddling they expect be to more more responsible now? Would maturity imply that i’d have to stop laughing so much now and start acting serious? Can i con volute the meaning in my favor and say that maturity would come if and when i’d be asked out on a date? Now wouldn’t that be the most immature thing to be said?

So what if i like being immature and i can be mature if and when i like? I just don’t have to stop smiling like a jack-ass every now and then just for the sake of sounding more formal and to let people take me more seriously? If i can’t come through to you as sensible,then it’s your loss entirely and i couldn’t really care less about it!