Romantically Apocalyptic

Is the idea of romance idealistic or realistic?

When you say love is in the air do you mean alphabets L O V E to be hanging in the air, as seen by some delusional drunkard madman or possible lover, as if strung together by invisible string, or do you mean it metaphorically as some passionate feeling of romance eludes a nearby couple bringing to your senses the possibility of some strong emotional exchange?

Do you think the virtue of selfishness is greater then the affectionate appeal for love?

Is it possible to dispose off oneself without affection?

Can the despair felt at the cost of unrequited love be avenged with crime or by submitting oneself t one’s fate?

Which one do you think is a more cowardly act?

Those who love, have, so to say, pawned a part of their narcissism.

Can a person lie of loving just for the sake of being loved?

Should a person who loves, take more than she can give?

Why is red the color of love?

Is it because rose is red or because you bleed in love?

Can you love yourself more than anyone else in the world?

Is it wrong to do so?

Would that be selfish?

Is it bad to be selfish?

Is it unkind to place your needs above anyone else’s?

Do you believe individualism holds a greater power over collectivism?

Do you believe in soul mates?

Do you believe that in a relationship, there is no equal footing? That one person has a greater hold over the other and the other always tries to measure up to that?

Are cultural values important for survival?

Can a group of humans connect beyond their cultural upbringings?

Can cultural differences come in the way of their camaraderie?

What kind of influence does literature have over a person’s thinking?

Does everything have a price?

Can affection be sold?

Would you rather stand out or fit in?

Do you believe in not having control over your life?

Do you believe in fate?

Would you rather be the man behind the curtain or the one in front of it?

Is affection desirable but money absolutely indispensable?

What can be darker than black and brighter than sunshine?

Is success fame and money or fulfillment of a boyhood passion?

Can you ever be creatively perfect? Or hardworkingly creative?

Lastly, do you think ignorance is bliss?

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