Doomed Ecstasy

They told her to be strong to survive,

To have ambition to grow,

To be morally sound to be different.

And to have roots to resist temptation.


She anticipated the first flight,

Like any youngling would do,

To leave her home,

And spread her wings.


But society had other evils planned,

They wouldn’t let her prosper,

They couldn’t fathom the weaker sex

Reaching greater heights.


So they planned to chop the wings.


And come it did, the flight of ecstasy,

But little did she know that it would

Last only a few seconds,

Coz the fall succeeded the flight,

And fall she did, into the dug field,

Not knowing, not wanting to know

Why to think big was a crime?

Romantically Apocalyptic

Is the idea of romance idealistic or realistic?

When you say love is in the air do you mean alphabets L O V E to be hanging in the air, as seen by some delusional drunkard madman or possible lover, as if strung together by invisible string, or do you mean it metaphorically as some passionate feeling of romance eludes a nearby couple bringing to your senses the possibility of some strong emotional exchange?

Do you think the virtue of selfishness is greater then the affectionate appeal for love?

Is it possible to dispose off oneself without affection?

Can the despair felt at the cost of unrequited love be avenged with crime or by submitting oneself t one’s fate?

Which one do you think is a more cowardly act?

Those who love, have, so to say, pawned a part of their narcissism.

Can a person lie of loving just for the sake of being loved?

Should a person who loves, take more than she can give?

Why is red the color of love?

Is it because rose is red or because you bleed in love?

Can you love yourself more than anyone else in the world?

Is it wrong to do so?

Would that be selfish?

Is it bad to be selfish?

Is it unkind to place your needs above anyone else’s?

Do you believe individualism holds a greater power over collectivism?

Do you believe in soul mates?

Do you believe that in a relationship, there is no equal footing? That one person has a greater hold over the other and the other always tries to measure up to that?

Are cultural values important for survival?

Can a group of humans connect beyond their cultural upbringings?

Can cultural differences come in the way of their camaraderie?

What kind of influence does literature have over a person’s thinking?

Does everything have a price?

Can affection be sold?

Would you rather stand out or fit in?

Do you believe in not having control over your life?

Do you believe in fate?

Would you rather be the man behind the curtain or the one in front of it?

Is affection desirable but money absolutely indispensable?

What can be darker than black and brighter than sunshine?

Is success fame and money or fulfillment of a boyhood passion?

Can you ever be creatively perfect? Or hardworkingly creative?

Lastly, do you think ignorance is bliss?

Because to stand out is too commonplace

Recent times have seen an upsurge of people trying to do things ‘differently’. Trying to spice up their life. Trying to invoke a feeling in themselves that they are not just idling their time behind their 10 to 6 desks (don’t you know? It’s not 9 to 5 anymore, silly),but rather assuring themselves that the time they slog now will pay for their 9 days,8 night package tour to Australia.

Don’t you think there’s enough of this ‘zindagi na milegi doobara’ crap doing the rounds already? That it’s too much of chugging and boozing and inhaling drug around to handle? That happiness doesn’t have that joyfulness when there was nothing to cry about earlier? That in every bookstand you’re bound to find more autobiographies than business investment books? Which barely translates to the fact that every 8th person you meet in the streets finds her life story worth retelling to people of the world?

Well, what if I change my perspective now and I say I don’t want different?

What if I want to go to Japan and be an animator and not give in any way to my family, who raised me, to my birthplace, who cultured me, and to other hosts of my parasitical form whom I fed off during my upward climb of the success ladder?

Would that be different enough? Maybe yes

Would that be selfish of me? Definitely yes.

Would you deem my act heroic? Would my greed make way for irrational thoughts in the very distant future? Will I be hated for that? Hated for doing it differently?

When I was in school, I had read this quote:

If you laugh at me because I’m different,

I’ll laugh at you all because you are all the same

When I was a young kid, my papa had said, ‘don’t try to be different. To be good is different enough.’

Now would I rather simplify my life with my selfish dreams or complicate it by doing what is good for the society?

Would I rather stand out or fit in?

Well, to each his own.


A recently released advertisement which amuses me a lot is of The ad concerns an Indian tourist in a Chinese market, on the lookout for a chicken meal. He chances upon a small eat-out where there is a lady outside dressed in a plucked chicken costume. The man eagerly approaches and seeing the hoarding CHI CAN RESTAURANT, enters the eatery. He is impressed to find chicken photographs on the menu card and also chicken head imprinted on the insides of the small bowls. He calls a waiter, points at a dish on the menu card and orders that. The food arrives, he puts a spoonful in his mouth and enjoys thoroughly.

Now comes the fun part. He calls on the waiter and imitates the chicken dance, simultaneously uttering pok, pok. The waiter in turn, says, no pok pok bhow bhow and copies the hand gesture which signifies a dog bark.

The tourist is dismayed and the camera zooms in on the photograph of a dog hung on the wall in the background.

The ad ends in a very catchy sentence-jo dikhega,wohi milega.

Now the aim of my article is not to belittle the very famous company’s marketing campaigns, but is to bring to our notice the difference between what we see and what we perceive.

If someone asks me, what do you study? Social etiquette requires of me to answer economics. But I know that is not entirely right. Sure, I study economics, but that is not all and not all of it I do for myself or my interests. Some of it I do for my impending doom on an exam.

But given a chance to answer truthfully, or without the god of social etiquette judging me, I would answer I study people.

Is it my interest, yes? Would I take it up as a career, heck no.

Do my friends, with whom I spent most of my time beside myself, know about this peculiar interest of mine?



Because I have not shown it to them. Because I choose how to behave myself in front of them. Because I choose not to let my interests be shown so easily. And maybe, just maybe, you could say I get away under a shrouded veil of pretension. So that every other person I talk to, who think that they know me well, are now in a state of unawareness.

Because how they perceive of me is as what I want to show them.

Isliye, jo dikhta hai,who hota nehi.

Aur jo hota hai,who dikhta nehi.